Raiders Game - Raider's Game is there Justice even in viewing ending of Game

San Juan Capistrano, California 1 comment

Why did you turn the Raider's - Buffallo game off with 25 seconds left in the game as Buffallo has the ball? The Raider's just happen to be in the lead!!!hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The Raider's and Buffallo game was still in play and your network (for whatever reason) switched to the San Diego - New England game. The San Diego - New England game; hadn't even started yet!!!!!!!

My girlfriend wanted me to give you some insight for a little "Welcome to my world" earlier today. He almost had a freaking heart attack, he was red in the face, veins sticking out all over the place. Screaming and helling, scared the *** right out of me, spitting and cussing - OMG..I hope I never make him that mad. A *** Jekyll and Hyde. He takes his Raider's games seriously and really enjoys watching. Wwowwwww!

I am one pissed off Raider Fan!

Thanks to CBS! ....knuckleheads

tell me why why would anyone interrupt the end of a game WHY?

Pissed Consumer




Absolutely disgusting.Sounds like another raider hater controlling the network schedule.

I'm pretty sure CBS just lost 10's of thousands of viewers. I know I will never watch CBS again. Shame on them and shame on Roger Goodell (another raider hater) for letting this happen. First Pryor, now this.

Get your head out of your ***.

Cutting off the final seconds of a close game to watch f-ing commercials and then a kick off.This kind of contractual obligation I thought was done away with after a playoff game or super bowl was cuts off with seconds to play many years ago.

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